Acquisition Criteria

KLAS Investments (KLAS) actively seeks to acquire commercial real estate assets valued from $3 million to $30 million USD targeted in the Mid-Atlantic and select markets along the East Coast where a value-add opportunity exists such as:


Below Market Rents


Subdivision Possibility

Additional FAR (Floor Area Ratio)

Additional Developable Property

Redevelopment of Existing Structures

Sale - Leasebacks

Through its vertically-integrated platform and proven framework of underwriting strategies, KLAS is able to quickly respond (frequently in 1-2 business days) to an opportunity. KLAS consistently identifies value where others may not and frequently submits the highest and best offer for the projects it targets.

Opportunity to Closing

Opportunity Submitted


(typically 1-2 bus. days)

Submission of Letter of Intent (LOI)

(if opp. meets acq. criteria, then typically 1-2 bus. days)

Submission of contract of Sale

(once LOI is accepted, then typically submitted 1-2 bus. days later)

Sign Contract of Sale


KLAS has the vision, financial strength, and technical capabilities to underwrite and close transactions efficiently and quickly.

If you have a commercial real estate asset that fits the KLAS acquisition criteria, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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