How to make sure all data is erased on a computer hard drive. How to format a hard drive, SSD, or USB flash drive. If you have an OEM computer (e.g., Acer, ASUS, Dell, or HP), you likely have a hidden system recovery partition and don’t need a disc to restore your computer. If you select Windows drive, this will only erase the partition/volume Windows is installed on. “Should” take you through a regular setup process, but didn’t. If his windows was behaving normally, then he wouldn’t be on this website.

Select the Restart now button under Advanced startup in the middle of the Recovery screen. Use Settings to boot your PC in safe mode if you are able to turn on and log into your PC without any issues. Safe mode in Windows 10 allows you to troubleshoot various problems on a computer.

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If you want to boot in safe mode with networking, press 6, and similarly, if you want to boot in safe mode with a command prompt, press 7 on the Numpad. If your PC is working fine and you want to start Windows 10 in Safe mode then follow the steps mentioned in this section. All four methods are pretty easy and straightforward so you will not have any issues booting Windows 10 into safe mode.

  • Then, you will be invited to customize your Windows 11 settings.
  • With each of them, both the journey and the destination, the process and its results vary significantly.
  • Now windows will start to wipe the drive and copy files from the USB drive.

This final phase of your journey should be self-explanatory, though do note that Windows 11 will by default ask you to sign in with a Microsoft Account. To enable a local account simply disconnect from the Internet during the setup process. During the Windows 11 installation, the setup offers you a screen to sign in with a Microsoft account. But if you do not wish to use a Microsoft account, the setup page offers a hidden option to install and sign in with a local account. The first is that you can drop the ISO file onto any existing Windows machine and perform either an in-place update or a clean install over the top of the current installation.


Well, Windows 11 is finally making this a reality by bringing some Xbox features to PC. Like Zoom, Microsoft Teams saw a massive uptick in usage since March 2020, for obvious reasons. So it makes sense that Microsoft is tying Teams more tightly into its newest operating system.

Creating a Windows 11 ISO with UUP Dump

But even though Windows 11 brings substantial upgrades, it is resource-hungry and can quickly clog up an old system to the point you cannot even run it smoothly. If you read our recent article on Tiny 10, the stripped-down version of Windows 10, you must be wondering if something like this exists for Windows 11 download from here. We have found the lightest build of Windows 11 yet, and it can run even on the oldest systems. So grab a pen drive, and I will show you how to install Windows 11 Lite on your PC. You are then given three choices for installing the operating system.